Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aaron and Kadence

Aaron and Kadence came to visit us this weekend. It was SO fun! The first day we picked them up from the airport then checked out the Children's Museum. The girls loved it. They even have a room designated especially for crawlers. That evening, of course, we watched basketball. The night proved to be quite eventful as Khloe woke up with some kind of stomach bug and was sick all weekend. Luckily we were still able to get a babysitter (thanks Janssen) the next day. Us adults tried out Mama Maria's in the North End to celebrate the guys' birthdays. I thought it was fun and delicious. Aaron order came topped with foie gras (so cultured!) and mine had Maine Fiddleheads (who would've thought that would be ferns?) And the last day we were able to take them to Faneuil Hall Marketplace for a sampling of Boston food delights like the lobster roll and fried Ipswich clams.

It didn't take Kadence too long to warm up. We were so glad! The girls had fun playing. Here they are playing peek-a-boo.The girls were only too willing to help Aaron open his birthday gifts. Notice the matching leopard print pants. (After all, who doesn't love animal print, right Kristen?)
Kadence loves Elmo. Every time I see something Elmo-themed I can't help but want to buy it for her. I found this magnetic book with mini Sesame Street magnets you can rearrange on the pages. She liked it. And as you can see she is quite the talker now, such a little smarty.

Beautiful Boston

We are certainly loving all these warm spring days here in Massachusetts. Every time the temp gets above 50 we are at the park or on a walk to soak it in. This time we tried out a park on Wollaston beach, from there you can see the beautiful Boston skyline.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Skunk Again!

There isn't much better than getting a package! We were surprised by two fun packages. Khloe received a little stuffed, pink piggy (like one I had and loved when I was little). She just kept kissing it. And, I guess, singing to it?

This is what Khloe's kiss looks like. Lots of licking/slobbering.
The next day Ellie received a package. Remember the skunk? The note read: Dear Ellie, Here is skunk you can plan with.She loves it! She's always taking it under the chair to wrestle.

First Hair Cut

Baby's first hair cut-what a landmark! When I was pregnant, Wes and I were looking through pictures and dreaming about what our little girl would look like. We came across pictures of Ryan (as a baby) and his long locks. Oooh, I turned green with envy wanting that hair for my baby. Then in the third trimester we went in for another ultrasound and the technician pointed out her hair waving in the water! I got so excited and sure enough she had that hair! Although it may be tradition to wait for the first birthday to give a first trim I had to snip off all the scraggly, uneven long parts. Ta-Da, here's the result: