Sunday, July 11, 2010


For the first time we experienced Nantasket Beach:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Right after the party we jumped in the van and drove up to Maine. It's the weirdest thing to me that here on the East coast you can leave the South shore of Massachusetts, drive along the coast on New Hampshire and halfway up the coast of Maine to stay in Portland (which is where we went) all in like 2 hours. My thinking is distorted from living on the West coast where it takes a good 7 hrs to drive across one state.

Maine is absolutely stunning. We went to Two Light Lobster Shack which is right on the ocean and had climbing all over the petrified wood to get down to the water.
Little Miss Khloe took a liking to my dad that made the rest of us jealous. She literally wanted nothing to with anyone but him. Not even her Mommy! If someone else was holding her and he came into the room she would do her little fake-y whine and reach for him. She couldn't settle down till he had her. The two of them trekked all over the place together.
And because it's Maine with a gorgeous, but deadly, rocky coastline there are lighthouses everywhere! From the Lobster Shack we could see two.
The next day we went to see another. (They had swings and fort there too.)
Of course we had so much fun and Maine is so beautiful we can't wait to go back and see more.