Sunday, September 27, 2009

$9 on 9/9/09

Wes picked up a newspaper to read on the T while he rode to school. He called and woke me up. "Hurry," he said, "JetBlue is having a sale on tickets from Boston to Baltimore for $9 each way." Apparently JetBlue had just added the Boston-to-Baltimore destination on September 9th. Which was perfect because Khloe and I were planning a trip to see Aaron, Kate, Kadence and Tahoe. We had a lot of fun! We slept in, shopped till we dropped during the day, and watched TV and movies each evening. Everyone knows that's definitely my idea of the perfect day.

Kate is looking hot. She's sporting a new trendy and adorable hairstyle.

The house is looking hot too. It already looked good but it's getting a face lift. The paint is being removed and underneath is the beautiful red brick. Now it's in the league with the other gorgeous houses on the block.

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