Monday, October 26, 2009

Pappy, Grammy and Uncle Ethan visit Boston

What a fun visit! It's fun to show-off Boston. It's a great city, even though the relationship is love-hate. (How could I not feel some loathing when it is so far from most of our loved ones?) We went to do and see. The trip was over too soon. But here are some of the fun things we accomplished:

Getting to know Khloe... It took a little while for her to warm up to everyone. But we've learned that it's a developmental stage. It didn't take her long though which made it fun for everyone.
We also got to make use of the little swimsuit we had for Khloe at the hotel pool. This was her first venture into water other than the obvious womb and bathtime experiences. She didn't seem excited but didn't mind either.
And now she's the right size for her adorable pink dress. Handmade by her Grammy, started when she was pregnant with me and finished while I was pregnant with Khloe. She looked adorable in the dress, paired up with the matching headband, little booties and some lacy-bottomed tights.
Let's be honest... What kind of vacation would it be without shopping?! This is us freezing our booties off at the amazing outlet mall. Khloe was such a trooper and Uncle Ethan was a wonderful helper pushing Khloe in laps around each store while we filled our shopping bags.
We drove down to Plymouth, the most quaint little city, to see the Mayflower II and Plymouth Rock. Plymouth rock is recognized as the rock the Pilgrims stepped onto as they left the Mayflower for land. Surprisingly small.
The Mayflower II, also in Plymouth, is an exact replica of the Mayflower. It was actually built in England and sailed here like the original Mayflower. On it they have people in costume who can talk to you and answer questions about the Pilgrim trek over.
Faneuil Hall Marketplace... in basic terms it's the grown-up, gourmet cafeteria. Delicious! We had all manner of food. Beef ribs, shrimp tortellini, shrimp cocktail, lobster soup, lobster rolls (a New England delight! Essentially lobster salad with lettuce on a big roll), chicken tikki masala, turkey dinner, bbq turkey, sushi(what a cultured little brother I have!), teriyaki chicken, coconut macaroons, apple strudel, gelati, etc. :) We went there twice...

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