Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gone to Or-i-gone

Okay, really Oregon but it only rhymes if you say it like a New Englander. :) My mama turned 50 on April 14th (I know, I know... she doesn't look a day over 40!). And my dad and I arranged it well ahead of time as a surprise. Every time I talked to her I'd nearly spill the beans. But we all managed to keep the secret. Khloe and I arrived on the 13th at midnight and snuck downstairs to bed. I hid all the evidence of us except Khloe's bottle front and center in the fridge. When mom and Ethan got up in the morning to have breakfast there it was!

Unfortunately I did a lousy job of picture-documenting the trip. Here is what I did catch:

Khloe riding the wheeled bear. She loved it. My favorite is the tune Ethan is humming.

Khloe seeing the chickens up close and personal. She wasn't really sure what to think.
Don't you love how the have the exact same expression? LOL.
Khloe enjoys a See's Vanilla sucker. One of my mom's favorites too.

And she got TWO teeth while we were there. Here's the first one just barely peeking through.

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