Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Big ONE

My baby turned one.

My parents' anniversary is the same day as Khloe's birthday. They flew out with Ethan the day before to share in this big event of turning one. She opened family presents on the special day. From Mommy and Daddy, a water table for the deck.From Pappy and Granny, a barn.
From Mona and Papa, a Cabbage Patch baby which turned out to have blonde hair and blue eyes matching Khloe's.
Khloe sports her new sun hat and sunglasses.

Khloe's friend Piper also happens to have been born on the same day. Incredible coincidence! Of course we had to have a joint party especially in lieu of the coincidence. Having two moms who both love to create work on a party together was fun! (I totally live for stuff like this-it is SO fun to me) And we were able to pull together an amazing party.
Kristen, Piper's uber talented mommy (for some proof see Etsy) is also an amazing photographer. Hence I am now sending you to her blog to check out more (AMAZING) photos.

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