Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Big Summer Vacation, Part 2

You know how sometimes theres something on your to-do list that seems like a mountain too big to climb? Well this post was like that for me. Hence it is November and I'm just now finishing it up.The first stop on the road-trip portion of our big summer vacation was Charleston, SC. For those of you who left their last history class long ago, South Carolina was the first to secede from the United States and is rich in Civil War history. We toured Fort Moultrie. As you went deeper into the fort it was as if you went further back in time where they had an extensive display giving the history of cannons. It was so interesting and strange to realize just how far we've come technologically.
Also in Charleston we visited the Aiken-Rhett house, which is an unrestored home from the Civil War era. I used to sort of think that past centuries lived primitively. Not so. They had large gorgeous wardrobes, homes, meals, etc. they just had loads of servants or slaves to accomplish what is (thanks to electricity, cars, etc) more readily achievable for us. What better place for Khloe to taste her first rib than the south? Love her questioning stare. She still wasn't convinced after tasting it and she absolutely hated having her shirt off. Little Miss Modesty. The next stop on our road trip was the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Here we stopped at the Wright Brothers National Monument. This was incredible! It might have been my favorite part of the trip. Orville and Wilbur had an amazing friendship. They shared the dream to fly and accomplished it so fast! Orville was only 32 by the time they took the first flight. And it was only 66 years from the first flight till we landed on the moon.
The Outer Banks are SO GORGEOUS! We ate scrumptious steamed seafood and played on the beach.
Its a grainy close-up, but you've gotta love the expression.
On the way back Aaron and Tahoe were our hosts.
Of course we ate at Rays since they have the most delicious burgers (seriously) and the guys hit up a Nationals game. Unfortunately, this is also when I started to get sick so we had to cut our trip short and come straight home instead of stopping in Philly. With another long day in the car we pulled out every last trick to keep K happy. These cheap party favors from the dollar store helped us make it thru the last hour.
Luckily once we did get home Wes had a few days till he had to be back at school so he took care of everything while I recuperated from my severe case of Strep throat. You can tell how bad it was (I was out of it for like 5 days) by how great I look here. (at least my closet looks good)

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