Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Christmas by Highlights

I believe in a less-is-more approach to blogs. But, that being said, I'm horrible at it!! I really tried to whittle our long 18 day Christmas break. And here you go. :)

This girl loved "Tanta" but only from a distance.Hermiston city lights with uncle Ethan.In Seattle visiting Grandma Dorothy.Still in Seattle visiting grandma, at the Seattle Center.In Kennewick with all the Karlsons on Christmas Eve writing letters to Santa.The aftermath on Christmas morning.Our lovely family in the typical in-front-of-the-tree-in-your-church-clothes photo. All the Karlson cousins, left to right: Kadence, Hailey, Khloe, Preston, Tanner and Julia.Post-photo dance.
And post-church-clothes-and-photo loungin. (my favorite picture of all!)


  1. you're right. i do love the belly hanging over the tights. Ü

  2. Okay the last picture is freaking classsic! I love it! She is a doll face!