Thursday, January 28, 2010

Playing Catch-up

There's something about the holidays... I don't know if it's traveling to a time zone 3 hours different on looong flights with baby, that throws me out of whack or those extras pounds that inevitably pack on from momma's delicious cookin that weigh me down... but it always seems to take a couple weeks to get back on track after coming home. But FINALLY everything else (almost) is caught up and now I get to move on to the fun stuff. Like this sadly neglected blog :)

Khloe and I arrived in Oregon on the 14th after the most miserable and horrifically long travel day. The next morning we celebrated my birthday (drum roll please!)...the BIG 24! It was celebration for me with all the attention and nice gifts. Note the cute red watch from Ethan. But it was also celebration for Khloe since her Grammy let her try cantaloupe for the first time. As you can see-she loved it!
Khloe and Uncle Taylor, who surprised everyone on Christmas day by announcing his mission papers had been turned in. I was glad for it to be out... it was the hardest secret I've ever had to keep! Since then he has received his mission call. He's off to Argentina next month-Feb 17th!Once Wes came and met us, we got to spend time with the Karlsons. Beautiful little Julia, the newest Karlson edition, was blessed the Sunday before Christmas. Here we are getting ready to leave for the blessing.All the cousins looked so adorable in their coordinating outfits (gifts from Grandma Karlson).
Khloe and Hailey love love love eachother. They are pretty much inseparable.
Christmas celebration with the Karlsons. Our brilliant baby and her laptop. ;)And Christmas at the Atkinsons.
Snuggie. Little family joke. LOL

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