Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remembering Grandpa

This holiday season Grandpa Mick passed away. It was a heartbreaking time for many people. Of course there is always relief that he isn't suffering anymore (he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past July) and joy in knowing we will be together for eternity. But it was still heartbreaking and so sorrowful to know that I have to continue life without him. In remembrance-he was a cowboy. A talented, handsome cowboy. He was an example of amazing patriotism. Always the one to take responsibility and do whatever was in his power for country, community, and family. He was a loyal friend, father, grandfather... He loved to rock babies and take his grandkids on horse rides.

These pictures are from the weekend of his funeral.
These pictures are from some riding fun on Grandpa's horses.

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