Friday, February 19, 2010

Disgusting, Yuck, Pee-YEW!

Have you ever gotten a good, deep whiff of skunk spray? It sort of burns the inside of your nostrils with its disgustingly, pungent burnt-rubber/million-pounds-of-chopped-onion smell. Incidentally the million-pounds-of-chopped-onion smell also (like the real thing) brings tears to your eyes and makes you cough. Disgusting, yuck, pee-YEW! Who would think that right here in the bustling metropolis of Quincy, MA (pop. 88000) your dog could get sprayed by a skunk right in your tiny front yard! Of course it wasn't just the problem of the dog since dogs can take a bath (even if it takes $20 of fancy shampoos and 5 washes plus a good professional groom the next day) but the smell penetrates your house and you can't even open the windows to air it out since now that the skunk sprayed there isn't one clean-smelling breeze in the whole neighborhood.

I do need to give a product recommendation for Febreeze. It does more than make commercials to laugh at, it (along with 3 boxes of matches burnt, some Armani cologne, and a large vanilla-scented candle burning solid for 3 days) really does help eliminate odors.

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