Sunday, March 7, 2010

Skills Showcase

Khloe has been mastering some impressive skills over the past month. It started with a goofy little hand/elbow/knee/foot shimmy that graduated to a full on crawl then she was pulling herself up and now she's crusin' around with her baby carriage and along the edge of furniture. She learned to sign 'more' and clap. The best, though, was the day she crawled across the floor to the chair where Ellie was sitting, looked up at her, waved her little hand and said, "Hi!" Here I caught some of these achievements on video.

You can kind of discern her little 'hi.'

(I may seem the cruel mother, laughing as her daughter falls, but what you can't tell in the video is that she's trying to figure out how to get from stand to crawl... she decides to fall down to her hands but she shuts her eyes in preparation for impact. It was so cute.)

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  1. In the video where she falls down to crawl it sounds like she is counting to three before she takes the plunge. She is a cutie!