Sunday, November 14, 2010

Babies Must be Made of Cartilage

A most traumatic thing happened on Tuesday. Khloe and I were out and we got home past Khloe's nap time but had to take Ellie out before I could put Khloe down. We got a new crate for Ellie (since the old one smelled really bad like skunk) and we put her in there whenever we go somewhere. When we get home I can set Khloe on the sidewalk after I get her out of her carseat and tell her, "go get Ellie." She climbs up the steps and into the house and lets Ellie out. It's adorable. Anyway, Ellie was going potty and Khloe was standing at the top of our stairs looking out at the yard. She walked a little too far and started teetering on the edge of the top step. It was one of those horrible moments that seem like they are going in slow motion and you know whats going to happen before you even have time to react... She was trying to catch her balance but pitched forward down the stairs. She smashed and kind of bounced off her face on the middle step then did a flip and landed on her back at the bottom. I swear her neck looked like it bent so far it was broken. I freaked. She cried and cried. In a split second her whole forehead was a goose egg. Of course I did what I always do in an emergency and prayed while I headed to the phone to call mom. After a trip to the doctor she was deemed bruised but fine. I think it was way more traumatic for me than for her. I still feel a bit sick over it.
Thursday follow-up pics.

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