Sunday, November 14, 2010


Okay, so the big summer trip blog kinda put me behind... But here at last are Khloe's Halloween pictures.

Her wonderful grandma sent her Elmo push-ins for her pumpkin.
I had been thinking about making Khloe a Dorothy costume so she and Ellie could coordinate. (plus I had Oz on my mind since I recently saw Wicked at the Boston Opera House-loved it!) Remember last years coordinating bees?
I made up my mind when I saw the perfect little red shoes at Target.
We spent Saturday at the big ward Trunk-or-Treat. She didn't learn to say "trick or treat" in time, but it didn't take her more than a couple cars to figure out that everyone was giving her candy and she was only too happy to tell everyone ''tank ou."
She definitely has a sweet tooth just like her daddy. Whenever someone offered her a choice of candy she always picked a lollipop. Actually that was surprising because she's our little chocolate-lover. Notice the death-grip on her candy bag? By the time I got in the car myself she already had a wrapper off a dumdum.
Dorothy and Toto


  1. She is DARLING. Oh my word, we miss you guys. Is a trip to Texas on your agenda? :)